I'm pretty sure the latin at the bottom means 'Does that look like a reef to anyone else?'

Ok, I have to admit, this first page isn't really necessary.  I was trying and trying to find a way to use this graphic, and I couldn't think of anything better.  I really like it a lot. :)  And no, that's not a real translation...  Here's a little info about Bermuda...

  First of all.  BERMUDA IS NOT IN THE CARIBBEAN.  Sorry, I just had to say that.  It's actually off the coast of the Carolina's.  I wish I had a good map, but picture the east coast of the US, find the Carolina's, go 650 miles east of there, and you'll hit Bermuda.  What makes it special is that it's smack dab in the middle of the Gulf Stream.  It's sort of the same thing that keeps Britain warm, but being much closer to the origin of the Gulf Stream, it's even warmer in Bermuda!  The temperature doesn't change more than like 30 degree's or so in a year(That's just a guess).

  The island got its name from Juan de Bermudez in 1511 who saw the island(and the reef) and desided not to stop.In 1593 there was a shipwreck, and Henry Ray(an Enlishman) and others stayed a while until they could build a ship and get back to Europe, but the island was still not inhabited until Sir George Somers wrecked the Sea Venture there in 1609.  It is believed that this ship wreck was the inspiration for The Tempest.  But, as in 1593, these sailors managed to make it off the island, although I think a few stayed behind as there were plans for a return voyage.  Then in 1610, Somers came back with his son.  He died there, and his heart is buried in St. George - his body in England.  The Somers Island Company created by Somers' son Matthew was given a charter to settle and govern the island under English law.  So Bermuda became a British colony.

Other notes of interest:

The currency is tied to the US dollar, so you don't have to exchange money if you don't want to, however you might get change in Bermuda currency.

There are no rental cars in Bermuda!  People rent mopeds to get around, or take the bus, which is pretty good too.(Pink topped poles at bus stops head into Hamilton, Blue tops head away from Hamilton!)

I'm not sure what timezone it is, but it's one hour ahead of EST.

Bermuda is actually the top of an undersea mountain.  It was formed by volcanic activity a reall really long time ago.  Today it's also almost completely surrounded by a barrier reef.

I any case, this page is about Bermuda in general, with photo's from my trip there in July of 1999.  I've added a little commentary specific to the trip, but most of the information is general. 

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