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  Dockyard's full name is The Royal Naval Dockyard.  But that's too much to say...  It's located on the opposite tip of the island from St. George.

  Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures of the place.  The weather was bad the day we went out there, so I didn't want to take any dreary pictures.  The closest I got was the picture of Ft. St. Catherine from the ferry we took to get there, and that was about an hour beforehand!

  Dockyard used to be one of Britain's main naval outpost in the western hemisphere after the US gained independence. It was built in the 1820s.  It's an impressive place.  I would have liked to have seen it while still in use.  Today it's mainly a museum and shops.  They've turned the "Great Eastern Storehouse" into a shopping mall.

  There are also many artisans shops located there, you can find some really nice paintings, as well as pottery.  It's all a bit expensive though.

  One of our stops here is the Frog and Onion restaurant.  It's inside what used to be one of the storehouses; the decor is - unique.

  It's a little hard to get to Dockyard from St. George.  There's only one ferry that goes straight there, and the only one coming straight back leaves Dockyard about an hour after the first one gets there.  So generally what you have to do is either take the bus back, or take a ferry to Hamilton and a bus back from there. It is worth going to though, at least once.