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Flatts Village

Swizzle Inn



  Flatts Village is located about 1/3 of the way between St. George and Hamilton(A 1,3,10 or 11 bus will get you there from St. George).  It's a cute little place, although there's not a whole lot there.  The main attraction is the Bermuda Aquarium.  It's actually sort of an aquarium/zoo.  This year it seemed a bit more impressive than in the past, so either my memory is going, or they're making it better.  In any case, it's a good place to become acquainted with the local sea life.

  Also near Flatts are some must see spots.  These include...

The Swizzle Inn:

  Apparently this is considered to be in Bailey's Bay, but it's pretty close to Flatts.  In any case, it's a pretty good spot.  They're famous for their pitchers of Rum Swizzle's.  And they're slogan of course is "Swizzle Inn, swagger out."

Crystal Caves:

  Just around the corner from the Swizzle Inn is the Crystal Caves.  It's about 200 ft long walk through a cave mostly filed with water. There are some interesting formations, but not all that impressive, to be honest.

Perfumery and Glass Blowing:

  These two are also right near the Swizzle Inn, just down the street.  I haven't been to either, but they seem pretty popular.  Worth a visit if you're in the area, anyway.