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  St. George's Club is the name of a time sharing resort situate on the top of the hill in the town of St. George in St. George's parish.  You can get to it either by climbing Rose Hill(which is the main entrance), or going up Old Maid's Lane, and taking the scenic route.

  St. George's Club is one of the few places to stay in St. George's these days.  Apart from much smaller places, there is a HUGE hotel on a hill on the northern tip of the island, but it has been closed for quite a few years now.  It's a bit like the Shining, actually.

   The resort includes tennis courts, swimming pools, and a "Club House" which has a restaurant, lounge, and convenience store.  Affiliated with the resort also are the St. George's Golf Club and Blackbeards which is a restaurant at the semi-private beach.

  The actual accommodations are in the form of  "cottages."  These come in a couple different forms, but my parents' is more a less an independent house (Also note that the picture on the first page of the St. George's Club is of this cottage!).  It shares some walls with cottages on the other side, however.  The first floor has the living are, kitchen and second bedroom.  The whole second floor is taken up by the master bedroom.

  All in all, it's a pretty nice place.