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8th Hole

View from 16th tee

Another view from 16th tee

View from the 15th tee

The card side 1

The card side 2

The front of the card has a picture that shows Tobacco Bay in the foreground, Achilles Bay in the middle(With Ft. St. Catherine behind) and the 14th green, 15th tee(the little turnaround) and the 16th fairway)


  St. George's Golf Club

  St. George's Golf Club is one of three golf courses on the island that are owned by the Government.  They are far from the only courses however!  I forget exactly how many there are, but it's somewhere around 8 I think.  That's not bad for an island that's only 20 or so miles long and 6 at it's widest!

  This course was designed by Robert Trent Jones(Which is pretty impressive).  These days though, it's a little different than it was originally.  Since the first time I played it the 14th was made into a par 3 from a wicked dogleg left over Coot Pond par 5(The card still shows the original layout of that hole).  The 12th hole also used to be a dogleg(right) starting closer to the clubhouse.  However, in between the 12th and the 1st are some houses.  I suspect they got a few too many balls in the yard(or kitchen!).  And last but not least, the 10th green used to be what is now the practice green.  From what I remember that was one LONG par 4.  What it may lack in length, it makes up in beauty though- you can see the ocean from every hole.

  Current par for the course is 62(see the card), although I think originally it was around 65(It was always fairly short).  I think my best score this year was 88.  Which sounds really good if you don't mention that par is 62!  I was pretty happy with it, in any case.

  The course also has a pretty nice club house which has a pro-shop, lockers, and a restaurant that we traditionally eat breakfast at on the last day there!

  Our only complaint with the course is that they will charge someone just to ride in the cart(Mom doesn't play...).  Ridiculous.  On the other hand, to play 18 holes with a cart after 4:00pm it was only $44 or so.  Not bad.

See the bar on the left for pictures from the course