2006 - Click here for some newer pictures of Patrick

Patrick is my mother's new horse.  He's a Norwegian Fjord.  He wasn't actually born in Norway, but the breed originates there.  Although he's only 14 3/4 hands, he's built like a rock.  Fortunately, he's very friendly and likes people otherwise he could cause some serious damage!  Below are some pictures from my only visit so far.

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(Note: Even though some thumbnails are of poor quality, the pictures themselves are much better, as a result they can take some time to load!)

Patrick's Big Head Patrick's Big Head Front shot of Patrick Front shot of Patrick
Front shot of Patrick Patrick falling asleep Getting his fly mask on Posing for the camera
Big Nosed front shot Walkin' along Patrick going back to the pasture

Here are a couple of Norwegian Fjord links:

International Museum of Horse

The Norwegian Fjord Registry