At Tufts University I took a class in Software Engineering with Prof. Alva Couch.  As a final project in this class the students came up with ideas for a group software project, and were split up to work on them over a two month period.

The Concept:

My idea for a project was an Archon clone.  Archon was a game I originally played on my C-64 back in the 80's.  It was a great game.  It was sort of the original Battle Chess, although it didn't follow the rules of chess.  Rather than face any possible legal battles, the decision was made to create a new game that was only loosely based on Archon.  Xodus was the result.

The Main Board:

The main concept of Xodus is very similar to Archon in that there are two players that have certain types of pieces with their own abilities.  Whenever a piece lands on another piece a battle ensues.  One of the main differences between Xodus and Archon is that Xodus is elemental based.  In theory, each piece would have an elemental affinity.  Also, the board is multi-layered.  There's one layer for each element and one layer more on the top and bottom that's neutral.  To prevent players from keeping their pieces on the levels that their affinity is for, the board shifts periodically.  There's an hourglass that controls the shifting.

The Pieces:

As in Archon, each player has a Wizard piece which is generally the most powerful, and can also cast spells.  The initial design had only a few spells including "Flip Hourglass", "Teleport", "Reverse Shift Direction", "Resurrect" and "Summon".  As you can see they were mostly taken from Archon.

In the current implementation all of the rest of the pieces are "Pawns" with no distinct characteristics.


Another similarity is the "power points."  There are four power points located around the board - one on each elemental level.  A player can either win by controlling all of the points, or by destroying all of the opponents pieces.

The Battle:

The battle in its current implementation is also based on Archon.  It is really only at the proof of concept stage at the moment.  (And has been for 3 years now...)  The original idea was to have a different battle type for each level of the main board.  As you can see in the screen shot it's currently very simplistic, and has it's share of display issues.

Screen Shots: (Warning: The screen shots are very large.)

The main screen

Battle 1

Battle 2