Photo Galleries


As with my "trips" page, most of the photos here were taking in the company of my wife Melissa.  Some of these galleries probably belong on our page as well. I do have some photo galleries (many not shown here, but some day!) that are purely for the sake of photography, and not as a journal for a trip. What I've got here so far are generally local events, as opposed to full fledged vacations.

Pictures from the Big E 2000
(Open 2/18/01)

Pictures from King Richard's Faire 2000
(Open 2/19/01)

Pictures from MA in Fall 2001
(Open 10/27/01)

Pictures of possible Wedding locations
(Open 01/19/02)
(As a historical note, our full fledged wedding information - including where we got married - can be reached via the links page)