Places I have been

(Mostly in photo gallery form)


To be honest, I have not been on any trips without my wife Melissa since I got my digital camera!  Some of those trips landed on my page before Melissa and I got engaged (and, as every good engaged couple do, got our own web site).  All but one of these trips was with Melissa, and will eventually be moved to our own page.  For now, they'll stay here so I have something to display!


My Vacation to Bermuda
(Opened 8/31/99)

Pictures from the National Zoo 2000
(Opened 2/22/01)

Temporary page of pictures from my trip to Rome 2001
(Opened 4/23/01)
(Note that it's been temporary for over two years now!)

Pictures from visiting my Uncle in Watertown NY - Labor Day weekend 1999
(Opened 6/10/01)

Pictures from my July 2001 trip to Bermuda
(Opened 07/09/01)